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Q) Why should we bother to deep clean our cooking equipment?

A) Because it will operate more efficiently and it is more cost-effective to maintain it rather than have to replace it.

Q) Why do I need to have my kitchen extract ventilation system cleaned?

A) It is a requirement, because of fire insurance compliance, to have the system inspected/cleaned at least annually - a clean system provides a comfortable and safe working environment for catering staff.

Q) How do I know that RCS Enviro are competent to carry out this type of work?

A) We have 40 years experience of kitchen deep cleaning and other specialist cleaning and we carry out surveys and cleaning of kitchen extract systems in accordance with the Building and Engineering Services Association standard DW172 specification.

Q: What types of businesses require deep cleaning and/or pest control services?

A) All commercial or institutional premises… commercial kitchens… any catering equipment.

Q: What are the consequences of not complying with the regulations?

A) No one wants to get on the wrong side of their local environmental health officer. Failure to comply could result in an improvement notice being imposed, or even closure of the premises - with all the resultant bad publicity that entails. We would be pleased to offer practical advice on standards of hygiene and cleaning best practise to keep you legal.

Q: Will I have to close my premises while it takes place?

A) Very rarely, we operate a flexible approach to solving our clients hygiene or pest problems and have staff available when you need help the most.

Q: What kinds of pests can RCS control?

A) Everything - fleas, bed bugs, ants, larder beetles, cockroaches, rodents and larger mammal species, which cause damage to golf courses, estates and gardens.

Q: What preventative measures can be taken?

A) Many and varied depending on what we find in our survey. Exclusion, proofing and prevention are very good starting points and we are experts at problem solving. We relish a challenge.

Q: How often should a pest control survey be done?

A) This depends on the type of business or premises, we have a range of tailored service specifications which can be implemented to suit your business, all the way up to supermarket audit standards for food industry customers who need our EnviroMaster service.

Q: How often should a deep clean be undertaken?

A) This depends on service intensity / frequency in the kitchen and the compliance requirements of your Fire Insurance policy. The type of cooking done and the efficiency of the grease extraction system also has a bearing on this schedule. We would assess deep clean tasks and provide our recommendations.